Girls in Action - Bodies Evaluation

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The girls get to evaluate the Girls in Action project and activities they've done.


Large piece of paper, pens, sticky notes (optional)


This last activity is a chance for you and the girls to reflect on what you enjoyed and what you didn’t, what the challenges were, and what you can learn for the future.

In groups or all together, draw out a large Rainbow, Brownie, Guide or Senior Section member on a piece of paper – if it’s a big enough piece of paper, draw around a person!

Stick or write on different areas of the body your thoughts about what you’ve been doing on the Girl in Action project.

For example:
Brain: what you learned.
Mouth (speech bubble): what you will tell people.
Heart: what you really loved doing.
Handbag: what you will take with you/use again.
Under feet: what you didn’t enjoy.

Tip: before you start it might help to go through all the activities you’ve done to refresh everyone’s memory.


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