Balloon Master

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One girl from each patrol should be covered in balloons and then go through an obstacle course.


Roll of masking or brown tape per patrol, 20 balloons per patrol


This game is best for Guides or Senior Section.
For younger sections you might need to blow up the balloons for them first.

Before starting the patrol should choose one girl to cover with balloons = their "Balloon Master".

On "Go" the girls need to wrap the tape around their Balloon Master ** below the neckline ** - sticky-side out.
The girls then need to blow up their balloons as quickly as they can and stick as many as possible on the tape on the girl.

When the allotted time is up (about 15 minutes), the Balloon Masters need to go through an obstacle course and back to their team. Balloons that fall off can NOT be reattached.

You may want to award plus points/balloons if one Balloon Master is a lot faster than another.

The winner is the team with the most balloons still attached to their Balloon Master.


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