Runaway Relay

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Girls in Action: Making the Invisible Visible - Runaway Relay


Cards with words on - one set per team


In teams, the girls run a relay race to collect words from the end of the room. When the group has all the words they have to rearrange them into the correct order to read:
“Running away is when a child or young person leaves their home or is forced from their home.”

Activity Alternative:
Leaders could hide the words around the room. Girls have to try and find the words and then rearrange them.

*Extra challenge:
To make things more difficult the Leader could choose words to omit and put some blank pieces of paper in their place. Girls have to come up with the missing words.
Girls could have a challenge to see who can rearrange the words in the fastest time.
After the girls have rearranged the sentence, discuss with the girls their understanding of the running away definition.
This activity could be repeated to reinforce what running away means.


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