Animal Mix-Up

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Get your Brownies to use their imaginations to create their own animal friends to present to the unit. This is ideal if a Brownie doesn't have a pet at home but has a very active imagination. The Poster can be counted towards part of the "Friends to Animals" badge.


+ 16 animal illustrations from (Cannot access this link 24/09/2015 as it is within an "Asset Library" with password protection).
Group 1 – Precious Pets: Jewel the Dog, Paws the Cat, Peanuts the Hamster and Blossom the Rabbit
Group 2 – Sea Creatures: Ocean the Sea Turtle, Splash the Octopus, Scuba the Dolphin and Tropic the Seahorse
Group 3 – Feathered Friends: Wanda the Goose, Ripple the Swan, Snowy the Owl and Stilts the Flamingo
Group 4 – Brilliant Bugs: Dot the Ladybird, Ramble the Centipede, Shelter the Woodlouse and Webster the Spider
+ 16 envelopes
+ A large sheet of paper for each group
+ Colouring pens or pencils
+ Collage materials such as glue, coloured paper or felt


1. Put each animal drawing into an envelope.
2. Ask the Brownies to get into four groups and to nominate a group leader. Place the envelopes on the floor at one end of the room, arranging them into their four animal groups.
3. Ask the group leaders to pick one envelope from each animal group. In their groups, ask the Brownies to open their envelopes.
4. Each group can now create its own unique composite animal from the four animals. Perhaps the animal will have the head of a dog, the body of a goose, the legs of a spider and the tail of a dolphin?
5. Ask each Brownie group to draw their animal on their large sheet of paper. They should also think of a name for it, what it likes to eat and drink, where it lives nd
how it exercises. What else will their animal need? What kind of personality will their new animal have?
6. Each group can then present their animal to the other Brownies.


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