Power Car

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Balloonpowered car
This activity teaches about different forces and motion.


• 4 dressmaking pins
• sheet of corrugated
• sticky tape
• flexible straw
• scissors
• paper cup
• small, round party


What to do:
1. Draw a rectangle (24cm long and 14cm wide),
4 wheels, and 4 hubcaps (small circles) on the sheet
of corrugated cardboard.
You can use the bottom of a paper cup to help you
draw the wheels.
2. Cut out the shapes.
3. Tape the balloon to the short end of a flexible straw
and then tape the straw to the top of the rectangle
4. Push pins through the centre of the hubcaps
and wheels and then into the edges of
the rectangle.
5. Blow up the balloon through the straw
and hold on to the end so no air
escapes. Place the car on a smooth
surface and let it go.


  • Balloon
  • car
  • forces
  • motion
  • power
  • science

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