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Girls in Action: Making the Invisible Visible. Looking where and who young people can go to for support.


Ball of string or wool
A list of support services


As a group, sit in a circle and ask everyone to think of who they go to for help, to talk to or for advice. It could be someone in their family or extended family, a friend, someone at school, a guiding Leader, a professional etc.

When everyone has thought about this the Leader begins by saying who she goes to for help. It doesn’t have to be a name, just the person, e.g. friend, nan, teacher. She then names someone else in the circle (ideally not someone sitting immediately next to her) and passes the wool on to her, keeping hold of the end. The aim is to create a web of support. Each person holds onto the wool and passes on the ball, and the web starts to appear. Once everyone has named their personal support, ask the group to think about other places they think young people who run away or who are thinking of running away can get help, e.g online, ChildLine, other helplines like Missing People, police, social work, youth projects etc.

At the end of the game there should be a big web. Reinforce to the girls that there is help and support available. The last challenge is to unravel the web without making a big knot!


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