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Girls in Action: Making the Invisible Visible. Game to think about numbers associated with running away




Split the girls into groups of four.
Ask the girls to assemble themselves into the shape of the numbers which are read out, eg make a number 11, 6, 4, 9 etc.
When each group has assembled, read out a fact relating to the number from the list below.

5 - Every five minutes a child or young person runs away from home.
9 - One in nine (11%) said they had been hurt or harmed while away from home.
6 - One in six (18%) slept rough or stayed with someone they just met.
8 - One in eight (12%) had stolen in order to survive.
11 - One in eleven (9%) had begged.
4 - One in four (26%) had been hurt or harmed, slept rough or with someone they just met, or had stolen or begged to survive.
70 - 70% of young people who run away are not reported missing.
5 – There are only five emergency refuge accommodation beds for young runaways in the UK.


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