Home Sweet Home

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Girls in Action: Making the Invisible Visible. Exploring the ups and downs of home life and to understand what things can contribute to a young person running
away from home


Icing pens
Felt tips


The girls work together to build a “home sweet home” that is edible.

This can be done in a number of ways depending on the time and resources available:
gingerbread house
sweets house – made from pre-made biscuits/cakes
house shaped biscuits
decorate basic biscuits by icing outlines of a house
house made of fruit.

Use oblong shaped sponge cakes stuck together using icing or jam.
Look for a gingerbread house kit in supermarkets or online.
Find a house-shaped biscuit cutter in a kitchenware shop and make biscuits with
the group.
Use sweets to decorate your house.

While you are making your house(s), have a discussion about what makes a happy home. Talk about how things that happen at home have a big impact on those young people who run away.
You could ask the girls:
What makes a home happy for you?
What could make someone’s home an unhappy place?
What do you think people do if their home isn’t a happy place?
How could you contribute to making a happy home?


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