Animals in Danger

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Tatty Teddy has many friends and some are endangered animals. Before the meeting, find out about a few endangered and extinct species and what threatens them or made them extinct, such as climate change, destruction of habitat or hunting.




1. Ask the girls what they think 'endangered' and 'extinct' mean and discuss this with them. Can the girls think of any local animals that are endangered, such as the red squirrel, the hazel dormouse or the greater horseshoe bat?
2. Show the Brownies images of endangered animals from the 'My Blue Nose Friends' website, such as Konker the Hedgehog, Quiver the Emperor Penguin, Treetops the Gorilla, along with an extinct animal, Needles the Woolly Mammoth. Talk about each endangered animal and explain what impact humans have on their habitats.

General Info:

Every animal lives in a specific habitat that has the right food and shelter and water for them to survive. Habitats can be big like a jungle or small like a leaf. Each animal is suited to its environment in a specific way - like Quiver the Emperor Penguin who lives in Antarctica. Emperor penguins have white bellies that camouflage them from predators on land, while their dark backs camouflage them from predators looking down at them in the sea. The emperor penguin's habitat is being affected by climate change and by fishermen who are depleting their food supply, making it more difficult for them to survive.


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