Happy Habitats

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Brownies can make their own animal habitat using a shoe box and some imagination. You can also take this activity further and visit the local zoo or animal sanctuary.


1 shoe box per group (without lid)
white glue
crepe paper
materials to furnish habitat, such as coloured paper, sequins, glitter, coffee granules, cotton wool, grass, twigs, pine cones, moss, fallen leaves
1 sheet of white paper per girl
colouring pens and pencils
double-sided tape


1. Ask the Brownies to split into groups and give each group a shoe box.
2. Ask the girls which 'My Blue Nose Friend' animal they would like to create a habitat for. They should consider what makes a good habitat for an animal, such as trees for shelter, a pond for water, grass to eat and a place to sleep. Brownies can then use the material to build this habitat. A woodland habitat for Hazel the Squirrel could be created as follows:
* Turn the shoe box on its side, with the long side as the base.
* Glue green crepe paper to all sides of the inside.
* Each girl should draw a picture of Hazel the Squirrel on her sheet of white paper, cut it out and then set aside.
* Spread white glue on the floor of the shoebox, sprinkle coffee granules as soil and add grass and twigs to create woodland. Cut out a circle of blue paper for a pond and glue it to the floor.
* Brownies can also make trees from coloured paper and stick them to the back of the box. The can also use cotton wool as clouds.
* The girls can now glue their drawings of Hazel the Squirrel into the habitat.
3. When the girls are finished, ask them to present their habitats to the unit, explaining what animals lives there and why.

* Brownies can create a 'bug hotel' in a garden using logs, twigs, leaves and stones, or make a mini pond using a old washing-up bowl.
* Tatty Teddy and My Blue Nose Friends are always kind and thoughtful. Ask your Brownies to think about how they can be kinder to animals in the wild. They might like to collect litter with their unit in the local area to help keep local animal habitats clean. Or they might put out food and water for birds.


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