Map Cricket

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A quick and fun activity to teach Scouts to locate grid references fast, learn symbols. It is also worked in as a team activity, so shouting lots of encouragement.


Maps, Dartmore o/s map number 28 explorer map


Usually done as a team relay race. 1 or 2 maps are placed at the end of the hall. When the whistle sounds the Leader will call out either a grid ref. No. on that map which the Scout has to locate or a map symbol will be called out. Once found a supervising Explorer or Leader will verify. the Scout then runs back to the patrol and sits down, 1st Patrol to complete the challenge and sit down neatly wins


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Badge Links

  • Navigator - 4 compass points
  • Navigator - 4-figure reference
  • Navigator - 6-figure reference
  • Navigator - 6-figure reference
  • Navigator - 8 compass points
  • Navigator - Key
  • Navigator - Use map
  • Teamwork - Examples