Mapping Knowledge

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Teaching Map & Compass


Maps of various areas, with different topography. Compasses to share. A Dummy route plan.


Stage One. Explain the differences in the maps and get the Scouts to answer pointed questions with regards to contour line, different tree patterns, etc.
Stage Two. Using the Key ask the Scouts to pin point specific items in the maps used, such as a quarry, picnic area, Public House, etc. Use a selection of maps and explain how different maps will use slighty different symbols. Key is Scout participation so that they interact and learn.
Stage Four. Using the compass, explain and ask the Scouts to show on the map, bearings, explain how it is like at school when using a compass & protractor in maths. After everyone has got the idea introduce the Route Plan, this should be of a past hike or made up. In turn ask each Scout to use a mixture of descriptions, NGR's and bearings to retrace the route on the map.


  • Activities with others
  • bearings
  • compass
  • maps
  • New skills
  • Outdoor
  • route plan
  • symbols
  • topography

Badge Links

  • Cyclist - Map Reading
  • Cyclist - Map Reading
  • Diamond - Expedition
  • Orienteer - Colours and symbols
  • Orienteer - Set map
  • Outdoors - Explore
  • Platinum - Expedition