Agility badge circuit

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This circuit contains 6 different stations which cover clauses of the Agility badge


2 racquets and balls per team (e.g. tennis balls)
Basketball per team
Skipping-rope per team
Ball to throw and bucket/bowl per team

Other equipment for other stations depending on what you want to do.


This is best in a large open space outside - but also be done in a large hall.

Set up the stations:

Station 1 - Racquet and ball - Bounce a ball on the floor 20 times

Station 2 - Skipping rope - Using a rope skip forward for 2 minutes (about 100 times), then do 2 other skipping movements (e.g. crossed or backwards about 10 times each)

Station 3 - Ball and bucket/bowl - line marking where to stand 4 metres away from bucket - try and throw the ball to land in the bowl (or if this is too hard to touch the bowl)

Station 4 - Basketball and obstacle/marker - place obstacle/marker about 13 metres away - run and bounce ball to obstacle/marker and back

Station 5 - Racquet and ball - Bounce a ball in the air 20 times

You can add further stations if you want. We're ending with a mini-golf station.

Divide the girls into teams (about 4 or 5 per team)
The first girl in each team goes to station 1. When she has finished bouncing the ball 20 times on the floor, she goes to the station 2 and the next girl in the team starts with station 1 and so on until all the girls have completed the circuit.

If you want, you can make it into a race - just make sure the teams are even then.

Of course, the girls can go round as many times as you have time for.


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