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Making your Promise as a member of Girlguiding is something everyone should be proud of. This activity is designed to get Brownies thinking about the Promise they have made or will make and sharing it with others. From Guiding Magazine Autumn 2013


++ Triangles of paper witheach word of the Promise written on for each small group
++ A copy of the Brownie Promise
++ Hole-punch
++ Wool or ribbon
++ Magazines
++ Glue
++ Scissors
++ Coloured pens or pencils


1. Give each group all the triangles of paper – ask them if they recognise the words.

2. Challenge the girls to put the words in the right order. If they need help with this you could write the Promise on a large sheet of paper and put it up for them to see or give each group a copy.

3. Once they have got the triangles in the right order, use the hole-punch to make holes and thread them on to the ribbon or wool.

4. Decorate each triangle with pictures of different ways people can keep their Promise, either by cutting pictures out of the magazines and sticking them on or by drawing them.

5. Display the bunting in your meeting place to share the different ways people in your group have kept their Promise.


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