Brownie Points Skills Game

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We've all heard of Brownie Points but out of all the amazing things Brownies do what are the top skills every girl should have to earn hers?


Each of the 18 Brownie Points skills written on card


1. Ask the Brownies to get into six small groups and give each group one card from each list (You, Community, World).
2. Each group then has 10 minutes to practise acting out each skill.
3. Bring everyone together in a circle, wit girls standing or sitting quite close together. this circle represents 'You'. Explain that part of Brownies is about developing yourself, being confident and talking about the good things you've done. It's also about being a good friend and being kind to your family.
4. Ask each group in turn to step into the middle and act out their skill from the 'You' list.
5. Then discuss which 'You' skill was the most important. You could take a vote or ask girls to number them in order of importance.
6. Then ask the Brownies to step back to make a second circle representing 'community'. Explain that Brownies learn about their community, its people, and what there is to do and see. Brownies also do practical things like organising events, fundraising and generally helping out.
7. Repeat steps 4 and 5, acting out the Brownie Points skills from the 'Community' list and asking girls to choose the most important.
8. The third circle is 'World'. Ask the Brownies to step back again into the biggest circle yet and explain that as well as talking about themselves and their communities, Brownies discuss the whole world, different cultures, how they can help people around the world and what guiding is like for girls in different countries. Repeat the steps above to find the Brownies most important skill from the 'World' list.


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