Promise Corners

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This activity will encourage the Brownies to make their own choices and to express their reasons for these choices.


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1. This game is played in the same way as the game Corners.
2. Give the Brownies a situation, with four possible options for them to choose from. Each of the options is located in each corner of the meeting area.
3. The Brownies need to then go to the option (corner) that they feel is the correct option for this situation.
4. Once the Brownies are in their chosen option corner ask them to explain why they chose the option that they did.
Here are a few situations as an example
Situation: On the way to the park Samadhi found a £50 note on the floor. What do you think she should do?
ï‚· Take it to the police station.
ï‚· Take it home and tell an adult.
ï‚· Put it in her pocket and tell no-one.
ï‚· Leave it there.
Situation: Alex just found out that her friend is being bullied at school. What should she do?
ï‚· Tell her friend to stand up to them.
ï‚· Tell a teacher.
ï‚· Do nothing.
ï‚· Talk to the bullies herself.
Situation: Holly has found the class bully crying in the toilets. What should she do?
ï‚· Ignore her.
ï‚· Ask her what the matter is.
 Go and find one of the girl’s good friends to talk to her.
ï‚· Go and tell everyone in your class .
(This activity has been adapted from Girlguiding Australia)


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