Hedgehogs Beware !

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Rainbows learn about hedgehogs and how to help them hibernate slowly.


Two fairy cakes for each girl, melted chocolate, chocolate sprinkles/flakes, icing pens/small sweets/cake decorations, red/orange buttercream/icing, chocolate fingers/sticks, bowls for melted chocolate, icing and other cake decorations


1)Tell the Rainbows that they are going to make hedgehog cake and a bonfire cake, and ask them to think about why they might be doing this
2)Give each girl a fairy cake to make their hedgehog. They should dip the top of the cake in the melted chocolate and then sprinkle chocolate flakes over half over of the cake to create hedgehog spines. On the other half of the cake Rainbows should use icing pens, edible cake decorations, or sweets to make the eyes, nose, ears and mouth.
3)Give each Rainbow another cake to make a bonfire. The girls should spread red or orange icing on top of the cake to make the fire, and then arrange the chocolate fingers on top as the wood.
4)Ask the girls why they think they made these two cakes. Explain that hedgehogs hibernate in Autumn and that an unlit bonfire is warm, dry and cosy, which makes it seem like an ideal place to settle down for the winter. Before lighting a bonfire, it should ideally be moved to another place to ensure that a hedgehog is not underneath. Ask Rainbows to tell their parents about the cakes and help keep hedgehogs safe !


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  • Bonfire Night
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