Blindfold Relay Race

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Get 2 patrols of scouts from 1 side of the hall to another around a obstacle course made of chairs


10 Blindfolds
20 Chairs


Set up a 2 lines of chairs diagonally across the hall to make an X shape
Get the PL to stand at one end of the chairs and their patrol at the other end
The 2 PLs show out directions to the Patrols at the same time
The patrol member need to listen out for there own PLs orders

1. Chair 1 around to the left
2. Chair 2 around to the right
3. Chair 3 underneath it
4. Chair 4 underneath it
5. Chair 5 around to the right
6. Chair 6 around to the right
7. Chair 7 around to the left
8. Chair 8 around to the right
9. Chair 9 underneath it
10. Chair 10 round to the left


  • Disability Awareness,

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