Promise Scramble

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Word game where each lodge finds all it's promise words and unscrambles them into the right order as fast as possible


Promise words in different lodge colours (or with lodge motifs on each word card)


Promise words on individual cards in each lodge's colour (or with motifs for each lodge) are shuffled. Lodges in their individual corners. Hand out promise words like dealing cards, so randomly given out in equal numbers to each lodge. When Whistle is blown a Beaver from each lodge has to run to an opponent's lodge and collect one card (in their own lodge's colour if possible) and return it to their pile. If there are none of their own lodge's colour they could try to scupper the opposing lodge by stealing one of their lodge's colour cards. This is done in a relay way, where each Beaver scout has turn about at running to opponent's card pile. This is done until a lodge has gathered all their own lodge colour cards and arranged them in the right order to read out the promise.


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