HOW much can a Beaver do in 1 hour?

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Beavers tick off the activities they complete as a Colony during one hour


Each Beaver needs their own Activity sheet (attached below "1hourBeaversv2") and a pen.
Leaders need: decide on log chew topic (flipchart/pen)
...which song to sing ('repeat after me' songs work best)
...story with actions sheet ("Beaverbuildsaslidestorywith actions" attached)
...quiz ("GeneralKnowledgeBeaverQuiz" attached). Ask 10 questions - there are spaces on the back of the activity sheet for 10 answers. of all the Beaver badges - show/point to a badge...Beavers call out.


Explain to the Beavers the format of the session - you can either run through in the order of the sheet or let the Beavers decide.
Games -
Beavers Wild: various commands which the Beavers need to do/act as Leader calls out - gnaw a tree, swimming, go to your lodge, danger (beats hands on the ground) otter coming (crouch down & hide with hands over head), baby kits (crawl around the floor), Beavers wild...

Loch Ness Monster Parachute Game: Colony waves parachute up & down. One Beaver crawls underneath & touches the leg of another Beaver (who lets out a blood-curdling shreak). The new Beaver goes under the parachute and replaces the first Loch Ness Monster. You can have multiple Nesses too.

Train relay game: Beavers in teams/lodges, First person is the engine, must run to the end of the room and back like a train (moving arms in circular motion,, like train wheels). Comes back and collects next Beaver aka a carriage. Runs to the end of the room and back. Carriage must not become unhooked (i.e. can't let go of engine). Returns again until all carriages are collected. Winners are first train back in the "shed" first (all still connected.)

There's a frame on the back of the Beavers activity sheet to draw a picture of another Beaver

Colony call: can be whispered*/shouted*/sung to the tune of..* /in an American accent*/ like a monkey*/ like a Scout* etc etc whatever you fancy...


  • Beaver Badges
  • beaver promise
  • beaver quiz
  • beaver wild
  • beaver yell
  • log Chew

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