Japanese Fans

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Make a Japanese Fan, learn about the traditions behind the Japanese fans


Lolly sticks


Decorate paper, cut into strip and fold, stick to lolly sticks (see attached photo)
Info about traditional Japanese fans:
Japanese fans are made of paper on a bamboo frame, usually with a design painted on them.
The number of strips of wood differed according to the person's rank.
They are used today by Shinto priests in formal costume and in the formal costume of the Japanese court (they can be seen used by the Emperor and Empress during coronation and marriage) and are brightly painted with long tassels.
Simple Japanese paper fans are sometimes known as harisen
Even today, Geisha of all types (but maiko most often) use folding fans in their fan dances as well.
The fan is primarily used for fanning oneself in hot weather.


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