Operation Shelterbox - Part 4: Create a Camp

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About this activity
This is part 4 of the 5 part Operation ShelterBox activity (it can run as a stand alone activity if you wish). In this challenge Scouts will explore different locations to find the most suitable one to set up a ShelterBox camp for people who have been made homeless by a disaster.


Resources needed:
About ShelterBox and the earthquake in Pakistan
Potential sites map
Potential site answers

Print and familiarise yourself with each resource.


Step 1
Use the About ShelterBox and the earthquake in Pakistan resource to give the Scouts a brief about ShelterBox and a disaster that took place in Pakistan.
Step 2
Divide the group into 5 teams (or however many seems appropriate depending on size of the group) and hand out a copy of the Potential sites map resource to each team. Working in their teams they have 15 minutes to discuss which of the sites would be the most appropriate to create a ShelterBox camp for people displaced by the earthquake.
Step 3
Ask each group to briefly say which camp they chose and why.
Step 4
Using the Potential site answers resource, explain to the Scouts that site A was the best location.


  • disaster relief
  • global
  • Global Challenge
  • shelterbox
  • team work

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