Secret Santa Advent Calendar

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Make a Secret Santa Advent Calendar for a Fellow Scout, Cub or Beaver


25 cardboard tubes (size of a toilet roll), gift wrap paper with a Christmas Theme (for 10 Scouts approximately 8 x 3m rolls), Curling Ribbon (For 10 Scouts approximately 4 packs of 4 Curling Ribbon Packs) , Sello Tape, Scissors, 24 sweets of choice (I used Haribo mini bags etc) which will fit in the tubes and 1 small "Secret Santa Gift" (girls bring a gift for a girl, boys for a boy)


Measure and cut the wrapping paper so that it will cover a toilet roll size cardboard tube with the wrapping paper being approximately 2 inches longer either end . twist one end shut, tie off with curling ribbon so it looks like a half finished Christmas Cracker. Place a sweet inside the tube, twist and tie off the remaining end . You will have a cracker shaped "present" .
Continue in the same way until 24 "Crackers" are filled with sweets.
Collect all the Wrapped Secret Santa gifts in two bags (one for girls and one for boys) distribute them randomly among the Young People .
Now attach all 24 Crackers to a doubled string of curling ribbon (tie them on ) You could number the Tubes 1 - 24 if wanted. Fit the Secret Santa Gift intot he 25th Tube or if it is too big just help the Young Person in question to tie it onto toe Curling ribbon as the last Advent Surprise.


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