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Great way to introduce new members to your section


a bed sheet or similar, something to mark one x per team on the floor and a question sheet to include questions like name, age, number of sisters, brothers etc


lay your sheet on the floor so it creates a line to separate the two teams (two people to hold a corner each in the air then drop or place on the floor to create a line) now put an X on the floor either side of your sheet line and opposite each other.

Now you are all set up tell the teams to mingle and give them a minute to ask each member of the opposite team one of the questions off the question sheet. Once the min is up tell them to go back to their side of the sheet line and sit on the floor. two people are then to hold up the sheet so the two teams cant see each other and each team is to quietly select a team member to sit on the X. Once the people holding the sheet can see that there is a person on each cross they drop the sheet on the count of 3 and the first person to shout the answer wins a point for their team.

You can make this harder by asking more than question.


  • getting to know you
  • getting to know each other
  • Ice breaker
  • memory game

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