Japan in a box - Onigiri - Rice Balls

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Onigiri means holdable rice and is a simple Japanese snack. There are a number of different types of Onigiri and you can add various types of fillings or just have the snack plain.


Stove (large gas)
Japanese style Rice
Fillings such as Tuna and Mayo, Beef and Broccoli Water


1. Cook to the rice as the instructions on the packet, you may wish to add the rice to the water 20 minutes before cooking to make the rice sticky.
2. Let the rice cool for a few minutes and prepare your filling
3. Wet your hands with salty water, and scoop up a ball of rice
4. Make a ball with the wet rice and place a deep crater in the rice
5. Insert your fillings into the hole, but donÂ’t overfill. Just enough to add a small filling, fold over the rice so that the filling is contained within
6. Wrap a strip of seaweed around the rice ball,
7. Eat and enjoy! You could add vinegar for extra flavou


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