Question Time

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based on the weekly TV-show format, Explorer Scouts have the chance to quiz local community leaders and/or those who manage Scouting in the local district/county.


Pencils, paper, tables,


Group Activity: Preparation
- Split the Explorers into small groups and ask them to prepare some questions for the panel.
- Ask them to bring the questions together towards the end in order to avoid asking the same question two or three times.
- You may need to give them suggested topics, such as:
#What is being done to support Explorer Scouts in achieving QSA and DOE awards.
#Are there plans for a County Explorer Scout expedition – perhaps to help them achieve the Explorer Belt
#Addressing waiting lists / opening new units (if this applied in your District)
#How young people are involved in decision-making at all levels of Scouting
#What is being done to ensure good Scout Network provision across the County
#How are they supporting Young Leaders
#What do the panel think Explorer Scouts / Units could / should be doing to encourage 14 year old Scouts to move up to Explorers.

Unit Activity: Question Time
- Assemble the panel at one end of the meeting place, behind two tables, with the Explorer Scouts sit seated theatre style.
- The Nominated Youth Representative should sit in the middle of the panel and act as the chair of the session.
- Explorer Scouts should give their name and the name of anybody else who proposed a similar question before asking the question.
- Before starting, ensure the Explorer Scouts understand that this is a chance to ask questions, Commissioners will not be prepared to make decisions / policy “on-the-hoof”.

Unit Activity: Meet The Panel
- This session allows the panel members to meet Explorer Scouts and discuss some of the issues which will have arisen out of the Question Time session.
- Make sure there is a way of recording suggestions which Explorer Scouts would like to make to panel members.


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