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Cubs choose 4 activities they would like to undertake and fundraise £100 for. Why not use this activity to plan your year of adventure.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Flip board, pens, post it notes, blindfolds, buckets.


1. Set up two empty buckets labelled fundraising and activity.
2. Brainstorm as a pack what adventurous activities and fundraising methods they would like to do.
3. Ask the Cubs to say the activities they want to do and write these on post it notes and stick on a large board/flip chart for all to see.
4. Ask the Cubs to suggest ways they could fundraise for the activities and write these on post it notes and stick on a separate large board/flip chart.
5. Put all of the fundraising and adventurous activities into the corresponding buckets folded over so the name is not visible.
6. Divide your pack into teams.
7. Ask each team to nominate a person to collect one activity and one fundraising method from both buckets.
8. Once all activities have been picked it’s time to reveal the chosen adventurous activity and fundraising method.
9. As a leader you will need to use your discretion and persuasive skills if the activities mentioned are not suitable!
10. Now it’s time to start fundraising. Can the pack complete the chosen challenges by the end of the year?

Tip: When fundraising please refer to FS190018 ‘Fundraising for local Scouting’ for assistance.


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