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An item hunting orienteering activity.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Compasses, map, instruction pack, markers, pen, paper.


1. Set out the markers, these can be flags with the equipment to play a game. Remember each team will have their own separate area.
2. Split the pack into two teams.
3. Give each team or individual a map with all the marker's locations shown, a compass, some paper and a pen.
4. Brief the Cubs that they have five minutes to plan a route to locate all the markers, and that after visiting all the markers they will have all the items to play a game. (Ideally a game with a lot of equipment e.g. cricket, monopoly, various board games).
5. Can they guess the game?
6. First team back with all their equipment wins.

When out and about at night, think about how to monitor and supervise the Cubs. If it’s a small area they could work in pairs or sixes, if it’s a bigger area then have a leader with each team.


  • orienteering
  • team building activities
  • Year of Adventure

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