Build a Den

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This is a fun active team building activity which uses pioneering and team working skills.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Cardboard boxes, cushions, sticks, paper, pens.


1. Divide the pack into teams.
2. Ask them to gather items from the middle of the room.
3. Now that they have their equipment, ask the teams to plan the den they will build.
4. Each team will have to race against one another to build their den.
5. The winning team could get the luxury of picking the evening game/entertainment.

Tip: Remember the dens have to be big enough to house them along with their sleeping bags!

Step it up: why not do this activity on camp where they can only use outside material such as branches, leaves, bark etc. The den will have to be their shelter for the duration of the camp. Test the shelters by pouring water on them.


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