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Hike with the aim of finding Geocashes


GPS unit or other GPS device, free geo-caching account, camera, pencil, trade items.


This activity requires advance preparation:
Use, find the co-ordinates and mark them on the maps.

1. Divide the pack into teams.
2. Provide them with the GPS unit.
3. Teach them how to use the GPS unit.
4. The teams will then have to go off and find the hidden treasure by following the GPS device and working as a team to locate the items.
5. We would advise that as each team finds each item they add a little treasure such as a woggle or badge.
6. Once each cache has been found, mark this off on the sheets.

Tips: You should advise your Scouts that items will be found in very obscure places. They may have to dig a little bit and look in containers, possibly lunch boxes.

Need to find Geocashes in advance and take clue photos of locations


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  • Year of Adventure

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