Canoeing (Longer than 1 hour)

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A starter for Cubs getting onto the water in one of the most popular water activities.


Canoe, paddles, trainers (that may get wet) spare set of clothes, towel, buoyancy aids, helmets.


This activity can be done on class C waters.
Many canoeing areas will have canoe rental companies or you could hire equipment or ask around to see if you have any district or county owned canoes.

1. Put the Cubs in groups in two or three.
2. Ask them to explore the canoes and then test out sitting in the canoe on dry land.
3. Once confident they can have a go in the water.
4. Once they get a bit more stable they could play games or competitions.
See for more information see

Make sure you’ve got safety cover in place. Visit and select ‘canoeing’.
Go when it’s warm.
Always wear a buoyancy aid and helmet.
Brief the Cubs before and debrief after the activity.
Make it fun.
On returning home, Cubs should take a bath or shower after being in canal or river water – see:


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