Hold a Bird of Prey

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Holding a bird of prey is a nerve racking thought for some.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities




Advise the pack that you will be taking them to a falconry centre or that someone will be coming into the meeting to show them different species of birds and to hold them.
Organise transport links – to and from the falconry if necessary.
Request parental consent (if this will be a meeting outside of the original meeting place).

Cubs will be able to experience holding many different kinds of birds, vultures, eagles, Hawks and owls.
They will also get to understand their feeding habits and general knowledge of the birds. They will be able to see the birds fly and learn how their body has been designed to help them in flight.

There are many falconries in the UK, below are a list of just a few:

Tip: Check that none of your Cubs have allergies which may be triggered by the birds.


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