Rocket Away

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Create your own rocket with this creative and messy activity.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Plastic bottle, paper, card, sellotape, scissors, vinegar, baking soda, spoon, clingfilm, launcher, balloon, pen, rubber band


1. Roll a piece of thick paper or cardboard into a cone shape, cut the bottom so that it’s even, and tape it to the bottom of the bottle.
2. Cut four triangles out of thin cardboard, bend little tabs into the sides, and attach them around the neck of the bottle (which will be pointing down).
3. Fill the bottle about 1/4 of the way with white vinegar.
4. Put six table spoonful of baking soda on to a square bit of cling film, fold and twist the film to secure the powder.
5. Cut a piece of balloon so that it fits over the mouth and covers the whole neck of the bottle.
6. With a marker, draw a dot in the centre of the balloon.
Poke a tiny hole in the centre of the dot with a pin.
Carefully put the baking soda film inside the bottle.
7. Centre the balloon over the mouth of the rocket and secure it around the neck with the rubber band. The dot will help you make sure the hole is centred. When the rocket launches, the hole will allow the fuel to come out.
8. Place the rocket on the launcher or stand it up on its fins.
And there you have it….Blast off!


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