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Crate Stacking

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Crate stacking is a great challenge With the aim of building the highest tower without it toppling!

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


A ladder (for safety), crates, safety hats, safety rope, climbing harnesses.


1. Provide the pack with a safety briefing and instructions before they begin.
2. Split the pack into teams of six. The leader should also be included as they will be managing the belaying process.
3. Now in the small teams one young person will start climbing and stacking the crates, with the help of their team members. How far can they go!
4. Each member of the team will have a role as some will be passing the crates to the young person climbing to the top, other will be making sure that the surrounding area is clear and other will be helping to direct the young person climbing.

Tips: Tips Risk assessment is required for this activity.
See www.scouts.org.uk/a-z for more information and guidelines.

Follow the rules at scouts.org.uk/a-z and select
Novices usually wear helmets as they can be a little unsteady and there may be falling crates.


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