Zip Wire Challenge

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A fun Zip wire activity with a twist!

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Stop watch.


1. Divide the pack into two teams.
2. Ask each team to make up their own jibberish word that they will shout out when going down the zip wire.
3. Get them to practice shouting it for as long as possible without taking a breath.
4. Now it’s time to get on the zipwire!
5. Time each Cub going on the zipwire, the Cubs that shout their team’s word for the longest time without taking a breath win!

Tip: This activity is best done at a local or national campsite, as they will have the necessary equipment and facilities already established.

Follow the rules at
Make sure you brief the pack that they’ll be going up high and flying through the trees or across a field.
Have plenty of adults on hand to encourage and support the teams.


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