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An iconic adventurous activity which test anyone’s wits. Learn how to move your way down from a high plinth.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Sturdy shoes which cover toes, T-shirts (with shoulders), trousers.


## This activity must be instructed by a person who holds an Adventurous Activity permit. ##

1. Take the resting pulse or heart rate of each Cub before going to the abseil.
2. Then take the heart rate of each person once they have completed the abseil. Whose heart rate didn’t change? Whose rose dramatically?

Tips: This activity is best done at a local or national campsite, as they will have the necessary equipment and facilities already established.
If you do not have a permit then why not see if someone within your district or county has one?

Follow the rules at www.scouts.org.uk/a-z and select ‘abseiling’.
Novices usually wear helmets as they can be a little unsteady.


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  • Year of Adventure

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