Making Energy

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Power a light bulb with just lemons!
This is a cheap and easy activity that will amaze the Cubs and have them telling all their friends!

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Per Team:
4 lemons, 4 flat head nail, 4 pieces of copper, 5 alligator clip wires, A small light with positive and negative connectors.


1. Divide the pack into small teams and provide them with the equipment.
2. Ask them to roll and squeeze the lemons, this helps to release the juice inside
3. Now ask them to push one flat headed nail and one piece of copper into each lemon.
4. Connect the ends of one wire to a nail in one lemon and then to a piece of copper in another lemon. Do this with all four lemons until they all connected.
5. There should be one nail and one piece of copper unattached.
6. Ask each team to connect the piece of copper wire and the unattached nail to the positive and negative connections of the light.
And there you have it….Let there be light!

Leaders should be available to supervise this activity closely.


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  • Technology Activities
  • Year of Adventure

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