Explore Down Under

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Visit a local caving site or tunnel to start exploring the great treasures of underground.

One of the 'Cub Year Of Adventure 2015' activities


Make sure that all your Cubs have the following for outdoor caving: Wellies, fleece/jumper, a change of clothes, towel.


Caving is a fun adventure for young people.
There are a few manmade systems made from pipes around the UK which can offer great experiences of small dark spaces.

Caving must be run by a cave permit holder or a professional qualified person, full details are available at www.scouts.org.uk/a-z.

Caves are confined spaces and so always wear a helmet to protect your head. Warm and waterproof clothing will help make this a more enjoyable experience for all involved. Before you go why not try out some artificial or homemade cave systems to get used to the dark and small spaces. www.scouts.org.uk/a-z and select ‘caving’.


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