Tidy Your Room

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 Tidy Your Room

o Have a sign on one side of the hall that says true, the other says false


Signs saying true and false


 Only old people fall down

 We should pick up our own toys and things and put them away

 Sometimes I leave my toys or books on the floor

 It is very important to wipe up any spills on the floor, especially in the

kitchen and bathroom

 Since I’m young, I don’t need to hold onto the handrails when going up or

coming down the stairs

 A bath mat in the bath will help keep me from slipping when I get in or out

of the bath or shower

 I don’t need to turn the lights on at night if I need to get up for something

 It is Ok to run down the stairs or play on the stairs

 When playing outside, it is a good idea to watch where you are going so you

don’t trip over rocks

 There is no need to clean up water that splashed out of the bath or shower


  • being tidy
  • safety in the home

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