Medicine Safety - o Talk about the medicine rules

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talk about the rules and then play a game


signs saying true false


Talk about the medicine rules

 1. Medicines should only be taken when you are sick. They are not for well

 2. Never take medicine that belongs to someone else. It may make you sick.

 3. Never take anything from the medicine cabinet by yourself. Ask an adult

 4. Never eat, drink, or play with any container that is not familiar to you. It

o Play true false again with these

 1. Am I wearing purple?


for help.

may contain chemicals that are harmful or poisonous.

 2. Are you wearing red?

 3. Is my hair green?

 4. Is it raining?

 5. Did you go to school today?

 6. Did you brush your teeth today?

 7. Is it ok to go to the medicine cabinet?

 8. Is it ok to take medicine on your own?

 9. Is it ok to eat tablets on your own, even if they look like sweets?

 10. You find a coke bottle in the shed, is it ok to drink from it?

 11. Is today Monday?

 12. Are my shoes yellow with purple spots?


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