New Year Calendar

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A craft-based activity to make a calendar that incorporates the Cub Scout Promise


Weaving Template / strips of coloured card/paper (approx. 1-1.5cm wide) / calendar tabs / sticky tape / pens/pencils


- On calendar template, cut the vertical lines within the outer frame (you can fold the template in half to do this) being careful to make all the cut lines the same length;
- take a strip of coloured card/paper & weave it over & under the the cut lines;
- take next strip of coloured card/paper & weave again, but this time in the opposite way to the previous strip e.g. if strip one starts "over" then "under" make strip 2 "under" then "over";
- continue weaving until grid is complete - cut woven strips to length & secure in place on reverse with sticky tape;
- write Cub Promise on the uncovered squares.


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