FunFair Games evening

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mini games stations fairground theme


ping pong ball and plastic cups, rope and plastic tube, beanbags, Chalk, Assorted Tins, Tennis ball, giant jenga


1st Game place three plastic cups on the floor chalk a mark on the floor a metre away from cups, cubs stand behind line and have to get ping pong balls in to cup all has to bounce before landing in the cup.

2nd Game attach rope about one metre off the floor tide to window handles worked well in our hall. before attaching second end of the rope to the other window handle slide tube on to it. march up rope with some gaffer tape cubs have to slide the rope along and get it to stop between the two tape marks.

3rd Game chalk a scoring zone in three oblong blocks next to a wall with the long side of the oblong against the wall, make the oblong about a meter wide by about 30 deep. have three of these oblongs one in front of each other coming away from the wall. out numbers inside the oblongs, we put 1 next to the wall 5 in the middle and 10 furthest away. they have to roll the ball so that it hits the wall and stops in one of the oblongs.

4th Game is a game of chance collect some tins or boxes and put numbers inside them including some minus numbers then let the cubs pick a box each, add the sixes score together.

5th get the giant jenga blocks this is for 2 members of the 6,
draw a square about 50 cm wide and place a jenga block on its end in the middle of it, using one hand each the cubs work together to build a tower 1 point for each block they get to stay in tower

end of the evening the winning six gets free tuck that night



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