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Team game where the other team needs to guess which opposition player is which famous person


Pens, Paper


Divide into teams. Each person writes the name of a well known person they would like to be play for this game on a piece of paper.
"Well-known" can mean famous (Madonna) or very well known (Abe Lincoln).

The leader then collects the notecards (one team at a time) and writes on a piece of posterboard the names. Teams sit together and posterboard is displayed by the corresponding team.

Teams go back and forth trying to figure out which person on the other team has chosen what well-known person ("Will is Abe Lincoln" or "Lauren is Madonna"). If they guess right that person then joins their team. Game goes until all players are on one team and that team is the winner.

You are keeping secret the identity of the person you wrote down but teams work together to figure out who is who.


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