Morse Code Bracelet

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Mothers Day Morse code bracelet gift activity


Thin elastic (Shearing) - 30cm per child.
Three lots of different coloured beads (One colour for dot, one for dash and one for space).
Calculate how many of each colour bead you will need for the words you have chosen to write in Morse code. We used Mum or Mummy plus more in the space coloured bead to fill up the rest of the bracelet


Get a piece of black elastic and tie a knot in one end
Put 8 black beads on the string
Spell Mummy using morse code - Red for Dash, Silver for Dot and black for space between each letter.

4. Then thread 7 black beads on so your bracelet looks like the picture
5. Once all the beads are threaded tie off the bracelet with a reef knot.
6. Then cut off the loose ends.
7. When you have finished the bracelet put it in an envelope with your name on it and give it to a leader to hold onto until Mother’s Day.

See download for image


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