Traffic Jam

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Traffic Jam is a real, "Brain Buster" that requires much thinking and communication. This exercise is very similar to a human chess game. Group members are split in 2 groups and have to cross each other in this challenge based Team Building activity. Cooperation are essential to complete this task.


Mats/paper for all participants and one other


Traffic Jam
• Split participants into two groups.
•Both of these groups must be in a vertical line (one behind the other) with side a and b facing each other with a free space in between separating the groups.
•All participants should have a cone next to them and there should be a free cone in the centre.
• The goal of the game is to get side A to side B and Side B to side A, all facing forward

Rules are as follows.
•No moving backwards
•A person can only move forward to an empty space
• A person can not “jump over” their own team mate

•Only one person may move at a time
•One spot per person, no sharing
•If any of these rules are broken, the group must begin again

Starting Order .
•A B C D - 1 2 3 4

Ending Order .
•1 2 3 4 - A B C D

Group Size
•8-12 participants. No more than 20 in a group (even numbers only)


Total time - 55 mins
•5 minute intro and setup
•40 minutes activity time
•10 minutes review

Learning Targets
•Strong communication
•Ability to work with others
•Planning and evaluation skills


  • beliefs and Attitudes
  • games
  • leadership and responsiblity
  • Problem solving
  • team building activities
  • team games
  • team work
  • teamwork

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