Water Collection

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A few techniques to gather water from nature.




Plant condensation - place a sandwich bag around some health leaves on a branch, tie the neck shut, and leave the bottom corner below the rest for a pool of water to collect in. Alternatively, do the same, but take handfuls of vegetation off plants and put it in a sealed bag in the sun - rest the plants on a bed of stones to keep them off the ground.

Solar still - dig a hole with about a metre diameter and 40cm deep. Place a collecting pot in the bottom of it, in the centre. Cover the whole thing with some plastic so it dips in the middle just above the collecting pot - place a stone on the top to keep the dip in the right place. Weight the sides down with stones. The heat of the sun will evaporate the water in the soil, and it'll condense on the plastic, run down to the lowest point (below the stone) and drip into the pot - job done! You can even urinate around the hole to increase the moisture! If you have a hose, put one end in the pot so you can extract the water without disturbing the still.

Peg out a tarp so it is like a funnel, going into a billy at the bottom.


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