Beaver Science Evening

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5 Experiments for Beavers to predict, investigate and explain


volt meter, lemon, penny, nail, water, kettle, matches, empty 2 liter drinks bottles, cork, sewing needles, magnets, oven shelf, string


split the beavers into groups of 3 or 4 and rotate them around the stations, approx 10 minutes per station

Experiments set up 4 bases.

Table 1, Home made compass, needs 1 large magnet, some needles to magnetise, you must stroke the needle in the same direction all the time, hold the magnet away after each stroke, corks bowls with some water in and Brie's phone which has a compass. Dont drop or bang the magnet as it will loose its charge, lay the magnetised needle on top of the cork floating in the bowl.

Table 2, Why Sounds are different if you here them through vibrations, Oven shelf , string and wooden spoon

Table 3 Lemon Battery put a nail 2/3rd of the way through a lemon 2 to 3 inches away, nail and penny must not touch each other, use a volt meter to measure the voltage.

Table 4 Cloud in a bottle, Materials 4 bottles, 1/4 filled withwater some matches, food coluring for water, matches. Light a match, blow it out, drop it in the bottle while it is still smoking, cap the bottle tightly, squeeze the bottle really hard for about 5 - 10 seconds and at the same time give it a swirl. Stop squeezing and let the bottle expand the cloud will disappear, let it go and it will return.

Back up.Table 5 Do you think Water can move wood, box of tooth picks, sturdy plastic plate, water eyedropper, gently break five wooden toothpicks making sure they are still connected, bend into a v shape. Place on a flat surface with the points of the v touching. Use a dropper to drop one big drop on the the spot where the v shape meets.



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