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A throwing game to 'break the ice'.


Large ball of wool.
Works best with a larger number of children.


Sit in a circle. One person holds one end of the string/wool, they say their name & something interesting about themselves (favourite pet, colour, activity, subject etc), then throw the rest of the ball to someone across the circle (keep hold of the end). The next person says their name and something interesting about themselves and then, holding the wool taught and keeping hold of the strand, throw the ball across the circle to another person. Keep throwing around the circle until everyone is holding a strand of the wool. Put it on the floor and step away and have a look at the friendship web you have made!

If linking to the speakers badge, then change what the girls say - suggest that they each have to thank someone for something. Or use as part of a pow-wow to help discuss things: only the one with the wool speaks.


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