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Game from Greece (Birds, Giants,Dwarfs)




“BIRDS ---GIANTS----DWARFS” From Greece
Pack stand in a circle
A Brownie is chosen to be the “Wicked Witch” and stands in the centre of circle
Leaders choose a safe place for Brownies to run to when “Wicked Witch” is called
Brownie in the centre calls the instructions (Actions)
Pack moves around the circle completing the action, until another action is called
“Birds” = Pretend to fly
“Giants” = walk tall on tippy toes
“Dwarfs” = crouch down as low as possible
When “Wicked Witch” is called all the Brownies try and get to the safe place while the “Wicked Witch” chases them.
First Brownie caught becomes the next “Wicked Witch"


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