Big Game Hunting

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Wide game in which Beavers/ cubs are poachers looking for animals


Twice the number of postcards (or similar) as there are players


Write the name of a wild animal on each card. Select an area of woodland giving cover and with a central area or patch from which movement can be observed all round. Attach the cards to bushes in such a way that the players can creep up and "catch" an animal. Dangerous animals such as lions and tigers should be in more exposed positions and therefore more difficult to catch unseen.

The areas is a game reserve in Africa. The Leader is the Game Warden and patrols the central area. The players are in teams of "poachers" trying to catch the animals. They must start from an agreed base well outside the playing area.

If the Warden sees a Poacher they call out the name of the playaer and points at them saying "bang, bang".

The poacher has to return to the start for medical treatment before hunting again. They may however keep any animals that they have already caught. After 15 minutes the teams add up their combined catches to see who has the most.



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